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Easter Lambs

Yesterday the Bradley's opened their farm to the public at Sutton Bonnington, Leicestershire. The first lambs of the year had just been born, as had some calves. Pregnant ewes awaiting their time lay around in comfortable stalls, whilst those who had given birth continually 'lost' and then re-found their newborns, creating a constant noise of bleeting.
Children were allowed to handle the lambs much to the concern of the ewes, the newly borns seeming completely unconcerned at being stroked and petted.

All the animals appreared extremely well looked after, and the farm had a very calm air about it.

Pizzas were available, (you had to prepare them yourself), which were then were baked in a wood fired oven right there in the farmyard. The day was a rare treat, thank-you to the Bradleys and their team for a very generous day.