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A long overdue return and ...swans!

After a too long a break from this news page I have at last got around to updating! I will really try to keep these pages a little more frequent.

One of the most recent commissions has been unusual and rather interesting. Silversmith Anthony Elson asked me to model a swan for the top of the stave carried by the current Bishop of Lincoln. The swan will eventually be cast in silver and mounted on a silver staff which will be around a metre long. The swan is about 14cm high and I have modelled it in an oil based clay onto a small armature (a wire support embedded in the clay to support it.

The intention was to give the swan the appearance that it had either just landed from flight or had just got up.

So why a swan? Bishop Hugh of Lincoln (1186), apparently had a swan that was very attached to him, following him everywhere and even standing guard over him as he slept. So the staff and swan is a nod to this past Bishop , now a patron saint of the sick, shoemakers and of course swans. When cast in silver and finished I shall of course post more pictures.