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Head Modelling Class

I ran a modelling class this week at The University of Derby with some of the BA(Hons) Fine Art students. Working from a model each student sculpted a life size head in red clay. No one had worked directly from a live model in this way before and I think most were surprised at how much visual information is encapsulated in a real head, this then having to be translated into clay. Working the soft clay onto wooden armatures, everyone worked for 2 days producing lively, strong, if not always anatomically correct sculptures. The plan at a later date is to make a flexible mould from this clay original which in turn can be used to produce a wax, plaster or bronze version.
I will be running another class of this sort privately in the near future, if you are interested in knowing more about this this just drop me an email with 'subscribe' as the subject and I will send out details to you once they are finalised.