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Sleeping Fox

The last few months have been involved with some planning new future projects and print making. Today however saw the creation of a sleeping fox in clay. The break from ceramics, albeit brief has been helpful. This was an enjoyable piece to make.

My first film!

This is something I have been meaning to make for a long time - a short film of me making something. With a lot of help from my son, here it is, now available on "youtube", click on the picture below to view it.

Camera Bird Box

This time of year is good for placing new bird boxes. This one I fitted today has a camera mounted inside, linked to my television and computer. The camera is hidden and will not disturb the birds at all. Of course there is always the chance that no birds will choose to nest! The box has had a promising start though - less than 12 hours after putting it up, a blue tit was inside the box checking it out!