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Lino printed boxes

For those who were interested in how I made these printed boxes, here is a very brief 'step by step'. I first found a template for a simple box. The site , is excellent. It allows you to choose a box design, enter the dimensions that you want your box to be and it will generate a printable template for you- very simple and it works.

This then gave me the pattern I had to work to. My design had a range of hawks and falcons, with a sleeping fox on the lid. This was drawn up and then transferred to the lino block ready for cutting. Once cut and proofed I printed my final design on some coloured, medium weight card. Paper would have been too lightweight as I wanted my boxes to hold a small ceramic sculpture, so it needed to be fairly robust. Once the ink had dried the card and design was then cut out with a scalpel.

Folds were lightly scored with the scalpel and then the 'flaps' were glued to form the box, with a bone used to press down the newly glued areas.
The completed box.